Raw Organic Vegan AgaveNectar

Agave plant looks like cactus, but it is not part of cacatus family, instead it belongs to Agavaceae family. It is a succulent plant mainly found in Mexico. It also appears in some parts of USA, central and South America.

There are many different species of Agave plants, such as: Agave americana, Agave chiapensis, and Agave deserti etc etc. One of the most familiar species is Agave americana. Agave plant has short but strong stems. Its leaves are thick and fleshy, each with a sharp endpoint and with a spiny margin. Various Agave species are popular ornamental plants. Each rosette is monocarpic and grows slowly to flower only once. During flowering its stem grows from the center of the leaf rosette and bears a lot of flowers. After development of fruit the original plant dies, but suckers are frequently produced from the base of the stem which become new plants.

Four major parts of the agave are edible: the flowers, the leaves, the stalks or basal rosettes, and the sap (called aguamiel—honey water). Each agave plant will produce several pounds of edible flowers during the summer. The leaves may be collected in winter and spring, when the plants are rich in sap, for eating.

AgaveNectar is an excellant alternative to sugar in cooking as it doesn't significantly increase our blood sugar level.

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